SCALGO Live Documentation

Workspaces: Creating

Workspaces let you change the terrain model and observe the effects on flood risk analysis. This allows you to evaluate different flooding scenarios, including dike construction and breaching as well as for quickly evaluating the effects of changing the terrain when doing construction work and for continuously updating flood risk analysis. To create a workspace, use the following process:

  1. Select the workspace tool in the top of the layer selection menu.
  2. Select the area for which you want to create a workspace.
  3. Hit the workspace button next to the layer you want to download.
  4. Your newly created workspace will appear on top of the layer selection menu.

Once created, you can interactively edit the elevation in the workspace area using a variety of different tools.

The video below demonstrates the creation, editing and deletion of workspaces.

Demonstration of workspace creation, editing and deletion.