SCALGO Live Documentation

Workspaces: Recomputing and configuring

Once you have made edits to your workspace elevation model, you can easily run SCALGO Hydrological analysis tools on the edited model and quickly see the impact your changes have on the study area. Furthermore, you can configure the parameters to these models directly through the online interface. To recompute the analysis:

  1. Hit the icon for the workspace you want to recompute.
  2. Select Recompute analysis.

To configure what hydrological analysis tools are run during a recomputation, follow these steps:

  1. Hit the toolbox icon for the workspace you want to configure.
  2. Select Configure analysis.

The available options are:

Sea levels
Compute a sea-level rise model.
Flash flood map
Compute a Flash Flood Map and compute flow accummulation and watersheds for the rainfall amounts listed in the rainfall amount list. Use the check box to enable/disable computations necessary to support watershed queries for each of these rainfall amounts.

The video below demonstrates the process:

Demonstration of workspace recomputation and configuration.