What's new – Access a EA flood maps inside SCALGO Live

Mar 4, 2021

By popular demand we have made some of the Environment Agency flood risk assessment maps and flood zone maps for England available directly in SCALGO Live.

Flood maps for planning

From the flood maps for planning service we have added the following layers:

  • Areas benefiting from flood defence
  • Flood defence
  • Flood storage area
  • Flood zone 2
  • Flood zone 3
  • Main rivers
EA Flood zones and associated information inside SCALGO Live

Flood warning information service

From the flood warning information service we have added depth and speed layers for the low, medium and high risk rainfall scenarios corresponding to return periods of 30, 100 and 1000 years. To make this easily accessible inside SCALGO Live we have created a slider that allows you to quickly navigate between the return periods. We have also given you filters on water depth and velocity so you can focus on areas with a certain minimum water depth or velocity.

Flood and depth layer for a 1000 year event.

All the new layers are available from the library.