What's new – Better styling of imported vector layers

Jun 19, 2019

You can now change the color of vector datasets you have imported into SCALGO Live by dragging them onto the dock. You can access the new styles in the gear menu for the imported layer.

New Swedish Base Map

We have switched the view projection for SCALGO Live Sweden to the national Swedish coordinate system (SWEREF 99 TM). This implies that we can now use the standard base map put out by Lantmäteriet: topografisk webbkarta. The base map comes in two styles, one with muted colors (shown below) and one with full colors. This should also make it easier to integrate SCALGO Live with certain online GIS and will improve the precision of elevation profiles.

Note: As part of this change we have made two minor changes to the Swedish flash flood map. In the flash flood map watershed layer we now visually distinguish watersheds that end up in the sea in different places. This new rendering implies that if you put the rain slider so high that all depresssions are full, the flash flood map watersheds visually match those from depression-free flow. The actual definition of the watersheds have not changed as a result of this update, it is purely a change in visualization. Furthermore, we now fill all depressions in the DEM of a volume smaller than 3 m3 (used to be 1 m3), resulting in a cleaner flash flood map with fewer spurious sinks.