What's new – Denmark: New flash flood map

Oct 27, 2017

We have updated the flash flood map in SCALGO Live Denmark. Traditionally, the national Danish set of hydrological corrections to the terrain model are used to hydrologically condition the terrain model by carving through barriers (e.g. bridges) in the terrain model. However in the new flash flood map, we use the hydrological corrections as subsurface structures instead. This implies that we can distinguish the flow across a bridge from the flow underneath it. Note that in SCALGO Live, a subsurface structure transports an unlimited amount of water, but it does not store any water itself – it has zero volume.

(left) A watershed query shows a watershed (green) of a point on a major road. The watershed includes a bridge over a bicycle path. (right) A watershed query on the bike path shows the water flows underneath the road and continues downstream.

Furthermore, when you create a workspace, hydrological corrections are now imported into the workspace as editable features. This implies that you can now work directly with the hydrological corrections inside a workspace. It is still possible to create a new workspace based on the traditional terrain model with the corrections included.

Denmark: New base map

We have switched the view projection for SCALGO Live Denmark to UTM32. This implies that we can now use the standard base maps put out by the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency (SDFE). This should also make it easier to integrate SCALGO Live with certain webgis and will improve the precision of elevation profiles.

New workspace creation dialog

We have updated the workspace creation dialog. It now provides a convenient shortcut for users wishing to create a workspace for working with the flash flood map or the sea-level analysis. Using the analysis-specific creation option you no longer have to manually select an elevation model. For instance, when you want to work with the flash flood map the system will pick the model matching the national analysis available and configure the workspace computation options so that only the flash flood map is computed. The dialog also makes it easy to manually select a model in the traditional way, or to upload your own model.

Workspace duplication

You can now duplicate a workspace. Simply find the detailed workspace view in the account management system and hit the duplicate button underneath the map.