What's new – Detailed information about watershed composition

Jul 5, 2019

We have updated SCALGO Live in Sweden, Norway and Denmark with a powerful new interation of the watershed tool. When you use the watershed tool you now get information about the composition of land use and/or soil types in that watershed.

Screenshot from SCALGO Live Sweden showing a watershed query and the distribution of land use in the watershed.

The following data is available in each country:

New Norway Elevation Model

We have updated the national elevation model based on the newest data from Kartverket, the anlyses have been updated accordingly. Also, we're using a more detailed building dataset (N5 instead of N20), so also smaller sheds etc. are included.

The areas marked in yellow have been updated. For precise update information please consult the Norway/Sources layer using the point info tool.

Updated GeoDanmark data

We have updated the GeoDanmark data in SCALGO Live Denmark. We are now serving data in the newest GeoDanmark specification (version 6).