What's new – DHM/2015 variants and sea-levels now available nationwide

Jan 27, 2016

We have updated the Denmark/2015/Rain and Denmark/2015/Sea to have national coverage. We have also released the national Sea-Level analysis. All of the new elevation models are available for both workspace creation and download. For important information about hydrological correction, please see our note.

A 70 cm sea-level rise on the island of Lolland on the DHM/2015/Rain model (purple) and the older DHM/Rain model (blue). The older model does not correctly resolve the narrow dike protecting the coastal area from the sea.

Important bugfix to the flash flood map

We have identified an issue in the flash flood map which resulted in some basins not receiving contributions from flooded watersheds upstream of them. We have fixed this on our backend and all workspaces will get the updated flash flood map when they are recomputed. We are also updating the national computation and this will be rolled out during the next week. (Edit Feb 7th: The new national computation is now available).