What's new – Elevation contours now available

Mar 31, 2017

We are proud to announce the release of three new elevation contour data sets in SCALGO Live, all based on the 0.4m national elevation model. They are available for immediate viewing and download in SCALGO Live.

Contour map

The contour map is used to depict the main features of the elevation model with pretty and smooth contours. It is available with an equidistance of both 0,5 meter and 2,5 meter. The elevation of a contour is guaranteed to not deviate more than half the equidistance from the underlying point in the model.

2.5m contours in the area around Møns Klint.

Extremal points

The contour map is enriched by a set of extremal points. Those are points that are at the top of a hill or at the bottom of a depression. Each such point is annotated with the elevation value at that point.

2.5m contours with extremal points.

Reference contour map

The reference contour map very accurately conveys the information of the underlying elevation model. It has an equidistance of only 25 centimeters. The deviation on reference contours in relation to DHM is not only restrained to half the equidistance (as with the contour map), but also restricted to 80 centimeters in the plane i.e. the elevation on a reference contour can be found within 80 centimeters in the model.

0.25m reference kurves reflecting the full detail of the model at the cost of curve smoothness.