What's new – Enriched building data in Denmark

Jan 19, 2022

We have enriched our Danish building layer from GeoDanmark with information from the BBR (Bygnings- og Boligregistret, the Danish Building and Housing Registry) database. When you use the point query tool on a building you now also see information from BBR, including:

  • Whether the building has a basement, and how big the basement is.
  • The usage class of the building.
  • The construction year.
  • The postal address.
  • a link to the building's. BBR page.
  • links to the national property value assessment system.

This information is also available if you download building-specific flooding information from the Flash Flood Map, allowing you to further qualify the damage assessments for affected buildings.

We also have used this new information to enrich the way the building layer is rendered. By default, buildings are now rendered by usage. Blue is commercial, green residential, yellow industrial, purple infrastructure, red health care, orange education and light blue is cultural:

If you are interested in whether a building has a basement or not, there's a rendering mode just for you. Buildings in red have a basements, the rest do not:

And finally, if you want to gauge the age of the buildings in the area, you can render by construction year:

If a GeoDanmark building does not have an associated BBR entry, it it rendered as an outline only in these modes.