What's new – GeoDanmark/FOT data, Matrikelkortet now available

Sep 6, 2016

The Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency (SDFE) regularly releases extracts of a number of topographic and administrative geodata products including polygons representing the boundaries of the administrative subdivisions in Denmark (DAGI), topographic base data with road, railroad, and stream geometries, buildings, and much more (GeoDanmark/FOT), as well as Denmark's digital cadastral map (Matrikelkortet). From now on these datasets are fully accessible in SCALGO Live, including fast download of local extracts. The datasets will be updated regularly in the future. Along with this release the following changes have been made:

  • The "Administrative Borders" category is renamed to "DAGI".
  • All layers from the "Vector Subdivision" category can now be found in the "GeoDanmark" category.
  • The "DHyM Tilpasninger" layer is replaced by two layers in the new "Hydrological Corrections" category: "Denmark/Rain" and "Denmark/Searise", representing the set of hydrological corrections based on the old national Danish elevation model DHM/2007.
  • We have enhanced the display options. For example, the items in a GeoDanmark vector layer can be colored differently by their "FOT ID" to easily distinguish different objects, or uniformly in yellow, green, purple or blue to distinguish different layers. Polygonal data can be displayed with their outline only, so other data can be seen in the background.
Example showing some point layers from the GeoDanmark "Teknik" group colored differently, with municipality boundaries in the background.