What's new – Measure gradients, undo edits, and Norway updates

Nov 5, 2019

We recently introduced the ability to measure the exact gradient of your workspace edits. We have now expanded this to give you the ability to measure the gradients of features directly in the elevation model, an oft-requested feature. To use, simply use the measure tool to get a traditional elevation profile, right click in the profile window and select the option to measure gradients from the context menu.

Measuring the slope of the Observatoriekullen hill in Stockholm, Sweden.

Undo/redo of workspace features

Also new in this release is the ability to undo/redo changes to workspace elevation edit features. You can simply use the new buttons in the workspace tools menu.

The undo/redo functionality is available through the icons to the right of the workspace tools.

Updated Norway Analysis

We have updated the Norway computation with new elevation data and buildings from September 2019 from Kartverket/Geovekst. For more information about the Norwegian elevation model please consult the documentation.

The yellow areas in this picture are areas that were previously DTM 10 data but are now covered by NDH/DTM1 high-resolution data.