What's new – National Danish High-Resolution Impervious Surface Mapping

Oct 2, 2020

Today we announce the availability of a nationwide high-resolution mapping of impervious surfaces for SCALGO Live in Denmark. The map, produced by SCALGO, is based on machine learning techniques and has a resolution of 20cm. It is available as a standalone layer in the Imperviousness category in the library. In Danish the category is called Befæstelseskort.

A section of the impervious suface mapping.

The mapping of impervious surfaces segments the country into 3 different classes: pervious, impervious and lake. The category is further subdivided into a building type and a general other impervious category.

Watershed queries

When you perform a watershed query you get the total area of impervious surfaces in the watershed.

A watershed query showing watershed imperviousness.

Annotated administrative regions

We have annotated a number of datasets, including the cadastral parcels, sewer catchments, planning zones as well as municipal regions with information about imperviousness. You can find those layers in the Imperviousness category alongside the impervious surfaces map itself. For each polygon in those data sets we have added a field that provides the total impervious area in the polygon, as well as the percentage of impervious surfaces.

A point query on the cadastral map showing the impervious surface area and the ratio of a cadastral polygon.