What's new – National German high-resolution land cover map

May 6, 2024

Today we announce the availability of a nationwide high-resolution land cover map for SCALGO Live in Germany. The map, produced by SCALGO, is based on machine learning techniques and has a high resolution of 20 cm.

It is available as a standalone layer in the Land cover category in the library. 

A section of the German land cover map.

The map is fully integrated into SCALGO Live Germany and is, for instance, used to show aggregate land cover information for watershed queries. For more information please see the complete release announcement.

German cadastral maps

As part of this release we are also adding aggregated cadastral data to SCALGO Live Germany. The new layer, called Flurstücke, is available in the ALKIS category. We have also computed aggregated land cover information for each land parcel, you will find this layer in the Land Cover category.

Note that only a select number of federal states are available in the Flurstücke layer, please consult the documentation for more information about this.