What's new – Nationwide contour maps for all countries

Jan 15, 2023

Today we make nationwide contour maps available for SCALGO Live users in 9 countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, France and Iceland). We have produced the contours with an interval of 2.5 m and 50 cm. When producing the contour maps, we have developed simplification algorithms that ensure the maps are both visually attractive, good at highlighting important topographic features, and come with accuracy guarantees, so you can be sure that we have not strayed too far from the “truth” in search of visual acumen.

Read our blog if you want to learn more about the contour maps and how we produced them.

The contour maps are made available as layers under the Elevation category in the Dock and by clicking the gear icon next to the layers you can also supplement the maps with information about high and low points in the terrain. Read more in the manual.

Example of 2.5-meter and 0.5-meter contours in a hilly area.