What's new – New land cover map for Finland

Apr 26, 2023

We are happy to announce that SCALGO Live in Finland has been updated with a new land cover map covering the entire country. The land cover map is produced using a machine learning model developed by SCALGO, in close collaboration with SYKE (The Finnish Environment Institute).

Figure 1. The new land cover map divides Finland into 10 land cover classes.

The new map is based on a powerful machine learning model that allows us to classify each pixel into the following categories: impervious, shallow vegetation, dense vegetation and bare land. These four land cover classes are supplemented with auxiliary data from DigiRoad and Maastotietokanta, to create a map with 10 unique classes.

The map is fully integrated into SCALGO Live and is, for instance, used to show aggregate land cover information for watershed queries. For more information please read the accompanying blog post.