What's new – Sea-levels in terrain profiles

Dec 16, 2016

We have added the sea-level to terrain profiles and changed the terrain profile tool such that the water level in the profile is continuously updated as the sea-level slider changes. This also works for the Flash Flood map.

Toggle between relative and absolute water depth

Relative water depths are shown on top of the terrain elevation. Absolute water depths are shown independently of the terrain.

Continuously updated point query results

Point query results are continuously updated when changing slider value.

Improved feature imports

When importing a terrain feature (by dragging a shapefile to the select tool of a Workspace), you can now choose between either using the elevation and width from an existing field on the feature or using a custom value declared in the UI.

Improved download names

Using the address data from DAWA we have improved the names of downloaded files by including a reverse geocoded name in the filename. This means that filenames will contain the name of a nearby street, city or region which makes it easier to distinguish between multiple downloaded files.