What's new – Subsurface basins and sewage drains in workspaces

Sep 2, 2018

We have added a new workspace tool that lets you model a subsurface basin or sewage drain in a point. The point is modelled as a sink of a user-specified finite volume, any flow entering the sink will stay in the sink until the full volume (service level) associated with the sink has been consumed. This volume can either be typed in manually or set to an event-specific runoff volume. The latter is done using the watershed of the sink point to define the area and the flash flood map rain slider to define the event. See the manual for more information about how to use the new tool.

In this scenario we have modelled sewage drains at the northern and southern entrance (black crosses) to the large flooded area to the right of the figure. These have been modelled with a capacity of 10.000 cubic meters and have reduced the flooding from the blue area to the purple area. Furthermore we are in the process of placing a new drain (red point). We are using the area of the watershed (in green) along with the currently set rain event (through the rain slider) to set the volume that can be stored in the point.