What's new – Volume information for watersheds and flow paths

Mar 14, 2018

When using the flash flood map watershed tool you now get information about the volume of water flowing through the queried point, and the volume of water stored in depressions upstream. More precisely, you get the depression storage of the point, which is defined as the volume of rainwater stored in the depressions in the watershed of the point. You also get the runoff volume flowing through the point, this is the total volume of the precipitation upstream of the queried point minus what is stored in depressions in the watershed. We refer to the manual for more information.

The watershed query tool showing the watershed (green) of a point in the terrain. The Watershed Info dialog shows information about the depression storage - the volume of the water of the depressions contained in the green watershed, and the runoff volume - the volume of water flowing along the flow path.