What's new – Watershed Tool

May 1, 2015

The watershed tool has gained some powerful features. You can now export the watersheds as a Shapefile by using the export button in the watershed information dialog. The result will be a simplified approximate version of the watershed polygon suitable for e.g. reports. The "area" field of this polygon contains the area of the original unsimplified watershed. Furthermore, you can now see the area of the watershed in the watershed information dialog (this is not yet supported for all layers).

River network downloading

Flow Accumulation layer downloads now use the specified Flow Network Detail from the user interface. Thus, the level of detail of the downloaded vector file will match the level of detail displayed on the screen. This makes it easy to download just the main rivers and tributaries by setting an appropriate detail level. As before, the segments in the downloaded file have a field specifying their flow (that is, upstream area).

Point query tool

There are two bigger changes to the point query tool:

  • You can now choose a coordinate system used for locations on the map. Currently we support UTM Zones 32N and 33N as well as lat/lon.
  • Ad hoc layers, generated when dragging e.g. Shapefiles into the layer menu, are now queried along with the regular layers.