User Interface – The Dock

The dock is an adaptable layer window that can be customized to fit your work in SCALGO Live. The dock is located at the left side and displays workspaces (if you have created any), analyses, chosen layers and a base map. By default, the dock contains the most common analyses and layers, but you can always add or delete items while working.

In the dock, you can also change the styles of some of layers and get additional information about a particular layer or analysis.

Layer Information

You can access layer and analysis information by clicking on the information icon (the i) that appears when moving your mouse across a specific layer in the dock. You can also view a description of a layer or the analyses by pressing ? besides the headline of a particular layer section, e.g., beside Analysis.

Adding a layer to the dock

By accessing the library, you are able to add layers to your dock (see library to read more about adding layers).

Remove a layer from the dock

There are three ways to remove a layer from the dock. You can either do it through the library or through the layer itself in one of the two following way:

  • Press the red X-symbol besides the name of the layer
  • Press and hold the layer. Move your mouse to the remove bottom.

All layers can be located in the library if you want the layer returned to the dock.

Base Map

The Base Map is located beneath the layers and is used when you want to change the map. You can choose between an aerial map, a basic map and no map. In addition, you can enable Streets & Places which allows you to view roads, road names in detail, city names etc. on top of the layers you have enabled.


Styles enables you to change how a layer or analysis is displayed on the map. The styles can be the choice of different colors displaying the same thing or something more complicated depending on the layer and analysis. This feature is useful when you want to visualize certain data and analyses more than others. You can e.g. use it so compare different scenario analyses in relation to flooding or create focus on buildings by making them yellow.

How to change styles:

  1. Move your mouse across the desired layer or analysis in the dock, if appears, it means that you are able to change the style.
  2. Press and available styles will show.
  3. Select a style and view the change instantly on the map.

Drag & drop data from your computer

You can drag & drop various kinds of data from your local computer onto the dock. Vector data and georeferenced images will be shown as on overlay on the map. When dropping a GeoTIFF elevation model, you will be presented with the option of importing the model as a new workspace (just like when creating workspaces from imported data).